Sea freight

Certainly the main business of Shado is the export maritime freights from Italy across the globe, freights we can offer daily to our agents.

We offer very competitive freights and by the most well known and reliable carriers as Msc, Tarros, Cma Cgm, Maerska and many more.

For most destinations we add value to freights granting absolute advantages such as extra free time agreement (14/21 days) or sending freights prepaid or collect following our agent’s preferences.

We always offer best freights available in the market under the professional agreement of net / net price, the way to give our partner the most opportunity to get new business for mutual benefit.

In nearly every case we add to freight by side the most appropriate FOB charges the way all players can make their decision on full detailed shipment cost scheme. So THC, ISPS fee, MBL and HBL, etc will always be detailed on our offers.

In summary our company goal and commitment is to give our agents complete and full detailed prices always within 24 h, because we well know that’s a good price is useless if sent too late

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